My name is Pat and I carve spoons. I make useful items for you and your home from foraged wood readily available to me in local forests and woodlands.

Patrick Alan Diette has been "making" with wood for most of his life. From the first pocket knife at age six to high school shop classes and a career as a Builder in the United States Navy Seabees, serving for 13 years on military construction projects all across the world. Moving to western New York in 1994 he worked as a residential and commercial finish carpenter. In 2012 Patrick hung up his tool belt opening The Klipnocky Wood Shop. A year later he rediscovered spoon making and the hook was set, becoming a full time spoon carver for what is now called Klipnocky Woods with thousands of spoons carved and sold all over the world. Patrick's favorite sources for spoon wood are the The Klipnocky and surrounding state forests and local farm hedgerows. He frequently hikes through the woods and down forest roads with his dog Roscoe searching for fallen trees, crooked limbs and logging leftovers.

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